St. Francis Convent School, Kartarpur.Punjab.

Mock Lesson Plan for Class 1, Class 2,  Class 3, Class 4,  Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8,  Class 9 &  Class 10
Students are requested to write the questions and answers on the copy and revise the same. Chapters will be taught in the classes once this pandemic period is over. The contents which are providing only for the day to day work for the students. Stay at home and be safe!
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Principal's Message

Dear Students,

The world  and our country  particularly going  through   severe  pandemic  called COVID 19 .   I greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility as the situation continually changes. We know our plans have been altered and have come with difficulty and unforeseen challenges. Let us remain united and support the nation. Do follow all the safety instructions of the national/state authorities and let us support to make ourselves and others safe!  

Hearty Congratulations for your wonderful Success.” I am delighted to welcome you back to the school. “I wish you all a creative and fruitful New Academic Year, 2022- 2023.” As students, you should enjoy learning, and never feel that it is a burden, compulsion or punishment. You should love studying and think of it as a means to achieving your goal. Take advice from your teachers. They will guide you and show you the right path to enlightenment and help you to come out in flying colours. Once you develop a liking towards anything, you will love doing it – EDUCATION too should be so. Love your studies, love your teachers, love your school – You are sure to Succeed.

The education process aims at an integrated person forming a moral conscience that is capable of discerning and choosing what is good. Helping to bring out what is best in each child and leading to excellence, it strives to prepare the child for life so that he/she may be instrumental in building up a just and humane society creating a culture of truth, love, peace, justice, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion counter acting the dehumanizing culture of greedy materialism, communalism, corruption and violence. Above all, with the ultimate goal of life in view, creation of a sense of the Divine within that leads to a loving relationship with God and fellow beings.

St. Francis Convent School envisage an education aimed at a generation that is spiritually enlightened, morally upright, socially concerned, intellectually well informed and psychologically mature.

May God bless you all.   Sr. Divya,  Principal

      Class 1      Class 2       Class 3       Class 4      Class 5    Class 6       Class 7      Class 8       Class 9     Class X 

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